Electric Car Charging

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There are special requirements in British Columbia for charging electric cars.

Rule 86-300 states that “electric vehicle charging equipment shall be supplied by a separate branch circuit that supplies no other loads.” This requirement means that the receptacle used for charging must be the only circuit, so no other outlet or switch on the same breaker from the panel.

Rule 86-306(1) a states that “this receptacle shall be a minimum of 20 amps. on a branch circuit of a minimum 20 amps.” This rule means that the wiring, outlet, and the breaker must have a minimum rating of 20 amps.

It is important to be in compliance with the code requirement to meet the requirements of your insurance and risk of incorrect use possibly causing a fire and other liability.

If you are charging your vehicle in an “indoor charging site” it is possible that ventilation may also need to be installed to meet Electrical Code.

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